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Why Wireless Charging is the Next Big Thing for Workplace Productivity

Non-traditional workplaces have become the latest buzz in business environments. From vivid colors and visuals to open work space floor plans, traditional work environments are quickly dying. Technology plays a large role in this transition and is inevitable in both our professional and personal lives.

Mobile phones and tablets have replaced our traditional office equipment and the way we do business. Current studies show that employees who use their mobile devices for work are likely to be more productive. The convenience of these devices allows us functionality and efficiency in this digital age.

However, lack of battery life has increasingly become a challenge and therefore charging stations within the work place are not only a trend, but a necessity.

Wireless charging solutions, such as ChargeSpot are both aesthetically pleasing and functional in any space. From their seamless installation to their user-friendly functions, ChargeSpot is reliable and has changed the way people access power in any commercial interior.

Functional For Any Space

Want to see ChargeSpot in action? Come by our IR office and showroom and test it out. Don’t forget to bring your device.


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