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Interior Resources Group adds Modernus Glass Walls to List of Architectural Product Offerings

Interior Resources Group is pleased to announce its new partnership with Modernus, an award-winning demountable glass wall manufacturer based out of Italy.

Modern office design with glass walls

Glass Walls Designed for Designers

Modernus glass wall solutions are "designed for designers, and built on the premise that architectural products, doors, and surfaces should empower designers to transcend possibilities." Their goal is to "transform standard partition and modular wall systems into design elements that serve as a forward-thinking solution for architects, interior designers, and planners."

Superior Quality, Efficient Lead Times

Each of the Modernus wall, door, and partition systems is the result of extensive research and development, creating new architectural solutions that can function as if they are custom but with the capacity to meet industrial specifications, acoustic requirements, costs, time, and installation.

Modern office design with glass walls and trendy employee lounge

Flexible, Adaptable, and Functional

Modernus wall system designs are flexible, adaptable, and functional beyond comparison. Available with the largest range of alternative finishes, glazing combinations, and accessories on the market, Modernus delivers wall solutions that meet the evolving trends in office, interior, and building design across the United States.

For more information about Modernus contact us today!


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