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Our Favorite "Healthcare Approved" Textiles for 2022

Over the last decade, healthcare design has seen a tremendous shift. Furniture, Textiles, Wall coverings and even common names for spaces like "waiting areas" have all been upgraded.

So long are the sterile-looking white walls and uncomfortable tandem seating. Healthcare design has found some charm. These spaces are innovative, modern and are hyper-focused on what patients want and need. Colors, patterns, and new layouts are all taking healthcare design by the reigns, creating beautiful and welcoming spaces.

Today, we are sharing our favorite healthcare approved textiles. These textiles are high performance, healthcare rated and have survived the true test of our times- disinfection and cleanability. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Momentum Textiles

A few facts we love about Momentum:

  • In 2020 Momentum launched their Clean Vinyl Collection, which are free from any harmful chemicals and pass PROP-65. Each pattern in this collection can be cleaned with all CDC recommended cleaners and they have a 10 year warranty, making them an ideal selection for healthcare environments.

  • Momentum's Endurance EPUs were created for superior sustainability and extreme performance.⁠⁠ These textiles are PVC free, have zero waste chemicals & zero solvents in production⁠⁠ and are GREENGUARD certified⁠⁠. As an added bonus, they can be cleaned with 40+ approved cleaners⁠⁠ and have a 10 year warranty⁠⁠.

  • Momentum's Silica Collections continue to be a best-seller because they are GREENGUARD certified, made with zero pvc, ink erasable with water, bleach cleanable, antimicrobial and antifungal, and Kaiser Permanente and Healthier Hospitals compliant.

ArcCom Textiles

A few facts we love about ArcCom:

  • Arc-Com is dedicated to the development of environmentally sound products and manufacturing practices. We accept our responsibility to produce only high-quality products, using materials that are safe and manufacturing processes that reduce pollution, waste, energy and water usage.

  • Arc-Com supports the Healthier Hospitals Initiative and has a number of products that meet the goal of the Safer Chemicals Challenge. These products conform to the initiatives outlined to eliminate the use of formaldehyde, perflourinated compounds, antimicrobial agents, flame retardants and Polyvinyl Chloride (or PVC/vinyl). Arc-Com is continually developing products with the Healthier Hospitals Safer Chemicals Challenge in mind.

Architex Fabrics

A few facts we love about Architex:

  • Architex Tekloom Collection's unique construction is created by fusing a woven textile with a high-performance coating, creating a hybrid woven and non-woven textile. This offers the aesthetic of a woven with the ink and stain resistance, liquid barrier, and durability of a high-performance non-woven.

  • Architex Vertex Collection blends 3D design elements and Crypton performance to create a geometric forward collection fit for any venue, especially healthcare environments.

  • Remede Collection: This Architex X HDR Architecture collaboration strives to redefine high performance textiles through research, design and sustainability. We love research-backed designs. Our favorite patterns from this collection is the Tessellation, Emergent and Posy patterns.


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