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Top NeoCon Trends for 2023

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Thousands of design professionals traveled to Chicago this week just in time for NeoCon 2023 and Fulton Market Design Days. Two design events working together synergistically; this year’s showing is one worth noting.

And with every show, comes a variety of trends; some enhancements and some trends completely caught us by surprise. So let’s dive into this year’s best trends.

1. Perch Perfect

Perching was at the forefront of the design this year. From breakroom solutions to repurposing a pesky column, perching furniture could be seen throughout various showrooms as a solution for smaller spaces.

2. Round and Round Again

This year’s table trend was all about those corners. Rounded edges at various degrees were everywhere. And for smaller meeting tables, oval succeeded the standard rectangular shape.

3. Green is everyone’s new best friend!

There was one specific color that could be seen in just about every showroom. And that color was GREEN. Green walls, green carpeting, green accessories, green furniture; Green is this year's color.

4. Color, Color, Don’t forget the Color

Piggybacking off of this year's favorite color, was this year's favorite pastel pallet. Light pinks, blues, and lilacs were sprinkled throughout the showrooms. But overall color (any color) was not forgotten.

5. Transpired by Texture

Not exactly new, but very much a trend- Texture!

6. Get Low, Low, Low

Lounge seating including modular sectionals took things to new heights… or did they?

This year's most overwhelming trend was seeing everyone’s lounge pieces with a surprisingly low seat height.

And to compliment the lower seating, were even lower occasional tables and magazine tables.

7. Double Stuffed.

Another soft seating trend was the double-stuffed lounge chair. Firm but also plush, you felt like you were sitting in an oversized hug.

8. Spaces within Spaces

We’ve been seeing more and more spaces within spaces over the last few years, but this year it was loud and clear that spaces within a space were in fact something worth considering. From meeting spaces to private offices to mothers' rooms and more, these spaces, whether they be in the form of a pod, demountable partition, or dividing screens, were something you couldn’t overlook.

9. Beveled Parsons

For Parsons tables, small details like a beveled edge are the leading trend, and personally I say "bravo." I love the elevated details.

That rounds up this year's NeoCon trends. Overall this show was fantastic. Hats off to all of the showrooms and their designers.

Did you attend this year's show? Tell us what you thought about it below.

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