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New Product Introductions from KII-Just in Time for NeoCon

Kimball International is known for releasing an abundance of new, trendy products every year. This year, they released a handful of new rookies just in time for this year's NeoCon in Chicago. But wait! There's more to come at Neocon and we can't wait to share! Let's take a look at their newest product introductions.

Connolly- by National Office Furniture

Lighter in scale, Connolly by National Office Furniture, was designed with a variety of configurations in mind. This collection of freestanding and modular units optimizes comfort with a unique design that maintains generous seat proportions even with a smaller scale footprint. Residentially styled with option-rich design elements and beautiful stitching details, Connolly accommodates a variety of configurations and smaller floorplans without compromising comfort.

Connolly's broad offering of lounge seating and inline tables make it the perfect complement o a variety of spaces, big or small. From waiting areas and lounges to small breakout spaces and private focus areas, Connolly's smaller footprint offers maximum opportunity. Learn More.

Picado- by National Office Furniture

Picado’s eye-catching, monochromatic palette makes it easy to add style and functionality to any multipurpose space. Designed to accommodate collaborative settings, Picado supports changing postures and provides maximum comfort with its intuitive adjustments and flex back design. Choose from worksurface and stool height solutions to outfit entire spaces with a consistent style.

Learn more about National Office Furniture's Picado here.

Mariben-by National Office Furniture

Mariben pull-up tables combine smart design with stylish contours. Its crescent-shaped base plate allows the pull-up table to be nestled around the leg of a chair or lounge seating, enabling the surface to be closer to the user. This base design also accommodates nesting for easy storage or tiered tables. Mariben incorporates mixed materials, height adjustability, and varied shaped tops, cultivating a table solution that is practical, affordable, and flexible. Learn More.

Stay tuned for more new products! Our team will be traveling to Chicago for NeoCon and will be taking our social media followers behind the scene.


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