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What Does Your Lobby/Reception Area Say About Your Business?

First impressions are always important, especially in a business setting. When a client walks through your doors, the first thing they see should reflect your company's personality and vision.Every guest, client and even employees will perceive your company based on the layout and design of the space they first see. This can ultimately impact your clients buying decision, set the tone for employees and your company culture.

Types of Lobby/Reception Areas

Lobby areas come in all shapes and sizes. And as mentioned above, they should reflect the company's personality. Different businesses have different messages and goals they want to communicate and this welcome space should reflect that.

A waiting area at a medical clinic will look dramatically different from the lobby area at a university.

In a medical setting, calming colors, clean lines, comfortable seating and natural light will help neutralize unwanted anxiety for patients. For universities, a lobby area should be interactive and engaging. Furniture that is comfortable and flexible is key. Colors that are fun and energizing work great in this type of setting. Noise levels are important but need to reflect a collaborative space where students can study together and work individually without interruption.

Determining the type of lobby that best fits your business is imperative. Consider the items on our list below to help create a space suitable for your business.

Things to consider when creating a lobby/reception area

1. Comfortable seating

2. Flow

2. Natural lighting

3. Clean lines

4. Color

5. Noise

6. Organization and cleanliness

Need additional assistance on creating the perfect space? Our team at Interior Resources would love to help. Contact us today!

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