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The Private Office is Back

As we navigate the hybrid workplace model and rethink the future of work, a trend that has consistently spear-headed post-pandemic designs is the increasing demand for more private offices.

From privacy concerns to the lack of noise control, the open office has seen it’s share of criticism. But with a heightened awareness of health, safety and airborne transmission- the desire for more private offices are becoming a top priority for those returning to work.

New products just in time for NeoCon

With a nod to the ‘50s and ‘60s, Indiana Furniture Iconic’s clean lines, tapered legs, and unexpected details present a timeless, approachable quality while being suited to outfit a multitude of areas, including private office, open plan/benching, small meeting areas, and ancillary spaces.

Deskmaker's newest Ribbon features a sleek and signature base design that slightly twists and tapers creating the striking visual that is Ribbon's namesake. Designed by Henner Jahns, the Ribbon Casegoods collection blends classic design with a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Likha Casegoods by KI feature a broad range of fixed and height-adjustable desking and storage for traditional and modular planning. With an inviting mix of options and elegant materials, Likha creates visually compelling spaces that support open plan areas and private offices alike.

Elevated solutions for Executives

Learn more about our private office solutions and idea starters.

We've curated a private office inspiration guide featuring award-winning products from some of our manufacturer partners for a variety of budgets.


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