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Coronavirus: Protective Options for the Workplace

With the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID19), many of us are being quarantined to our homes to avoid further contamination. But what about those who don't have the option to work from home, or what do we do when we need to visit a public space? What is going to happen after we have contained the virus? How will this affect open offices? How will this affect workspaces as a whole? There are so many unanswered questions. And while we know that this outbreak will have a dramatic effect on where and how we work, we do know that this isn't a permanent situation. With that said, let's dive into some flexible options that might make your workplace more comfortable during this vulnerable time.

Please note that the products suggested are simply a suggestion to help ease any anxiety in the workplace and do not prevent or cure any virus or illness.

Spacial Barriers

It is suggested by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, that we stay a minimum of 6 feet away from individuals. This can be difficult for some, especially for those used to working in an open office environment with shared spaces. Below are a few flexible suggestions that can easily be moved and reused over and over, while also creating personal space or a barrier when needed.

Things like space dividers, mobile carts, markerboards and privacy screens can easily and inexpensively be added to the workspace to help breakup shared spaces.

Portable Power

As we try to create more space between us, we may be forced to spread out or work from different areas. Having ample amounts of power that can be moved in different areas will help us pick up and plug back in.

A. ECA Isles 2 | B. Kimball Workable Accessory | C. Global Furniture Group Vesta

Mobile Tables

Mobile Training Tables like Kimball's Dock Training or Global Furniture Group's Terina Table are great way to help spread people out without compromising worksurface space. We suggest adding 3 or 4 Flip/Nest tables to any workspace simply for the added convenience. These tables can be used for training purposes, meetings, events, added working space and so much more. When you don't need them. simply nest them to the side and out of the way.

Let's not forget our smaller mobile tables. Originally designed for healthcare environments, these tables can be used for a variety of purposes. Many even come with height adjustable capabilities.

Another table that may help and is often over-looked, are pull-up tables. Unfortunately these tables have a limited worksurface, but they are perfect for picking up and moving to another area. They have the perfect amount of space for note-taking and will work well with someone working on a laptop. The best part: they are light and easy to move, they don't take up too much space, and they are very convenient.

For more information about products, contact us as 972-619-7400 or

Interior Resources Group is following all recommendations from the Center of Disease Control and Protection and is closely monitoring the situation. While our office is closed for all tours and presentations , our team members are still available to help and continue business as usual. We wish everyone well and are looking forward to healthier days in the near future.


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