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Kimball Helio™ | Visual Minimalism For Maximum Well-Being

Visual Minimalism For Maximum Well-Being

Greater exposure to natural light increases creativity, communication and happiness. That’s why Kimball has taken a different design approach with Helio. Rather than framing it to be a focal point, we’ve created that perfect balance of visual continuity and personal comfort. Blending harmoniously with its surroundings, Helio gives people access to natural light, elevating their comfort and well-being.

Helio provides freedom of movement with adjustable comfort that is seamlessly integrated to eliminate visual disruption. The back is constructed with durable, cross-woven nylon that provides ergonomic lumbar support while maintaining its crisp, clean lines. Refined details such as contrast seat stitching and premium casters with polished accents further elevate the sophistication offered within a light-scale design.

Features and Benefits

  • The translucent white and semi-translucent black, cross-woven nylon back material allows light to pass through

  • Polished aluminum details on the lower back, base, casters and arms

  • Contoured seat and lower back lumbar support provide long lasting comfort

  • Standard adjustable seat height, seat depth and a self-balancing, 4-position synchro lock

  • Adjustable arms are height-adjustable and available with side-to-side adjustable arm pads or fully adjustable arm pads

  • Static C-Arm caps are available in white or black with a durable, transparent PU cap

  • Low profile controls reduce visible levers

  • Black or white headrest can be added to any model

  • The foot ring on the sit-to-stand and stool models features a simple hand-adjusted lever for easy positioning

  • Contrast stitching available on configurable models

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