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Why Companies Should Encourage Their Employee's to Create Vision Boards

It’s a new year, which means many of us have new goals. From lifestyle and fitness ideas to travel and career ideas- whatever the inspiration may be, we have a whole year to accomplish them.

How do you ensure you follow through on these newly made goals? Vision boards, theme words, life metaphors and inspirational quotes have all been used to help kick-start our imagination, bringing our aspirations to life.

Great! But what do vision boards and these goals have to do with the work life? We’re glad you asked.

First, let’s state the obvious. We are all working to accomplish something, whether its related to our career or personal life. Having set goals boosts motivation and productivity, which is every company’s top priority.

We challenge you. Ask your employees to set some work-related goals. These can be anything from work-life balance goals to career advancements to major achievements or project wins. There is no limit here.

Here are some questions and suggestions we gave our team to get their minds thinking:

  • What were some of your accomplishments?

  • What areas have you excelled in?

  • What areas need improvement?

  • Are there any goals from 2019 that still need to be worked on?

  • What would you like to accomplish?

  • What areas need improvement?

  • What is your Life Metaphor?

  • Is there a word(s) that inspires and motivates you?

Common Themes:

  • Health + Fitness Goals

  • Learning Goals

  • Career/ Business Goals

  • Priorities

  • Favorite Quotes or Words that Motivate

  • Life Milestones

  • Self Improvement/Self Care Goals

  • Reading Goals

  • Dreams

  • Things you Aspire

  • Life Metaphors

  • Affirmations

Once they have listed some goals, it’s time to create a vision board. Vision boards make us think about what we really want , and they force us to really focus while providing that visual reminder. Visualization is one of the most effective mind workouts that you can do, and when your employees see something daily then they are more than likely to stay on track.

Now it’s time to have fun! Ask your team to review their list of aspirations and find images that reflect those goals.

Finally, creatively place the images on a board and adhere. Don’t forget to ask them to display their boards where they can see them!

So let's recap why companies should encourage their employee's to create vision boards:

1. Goals boost motivation and productivity

2. Vision boards serve as a daily reminder and keeps employees motivated and on track

3. Vision boards are personal and give employee's an opportunity to bring their personal work goals to life

4. Creating vision boards is a fun and makes a great team-building activity


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