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Meeting Spaces Redefined

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in how we meet, where we meet, and why we meet. Today, we are diving into how the spaces we meet in are transforming and what we expect to see in the future.

It’s no secret that hybrid work has its pros and cons, and while we don’t foresee hybrid work styles going away, it’s safe to say that hybrid working has played a large role in how, where, and why we meet.

Today’s office is all about collaboration. In fact, an ongoing trend we are seeing is office spaces transitioning into collaborative hubs.

The hubs feature a variety of collaborative social spaces that are:

  • Fun, inviting, and desirable spaces that have a purpose, and foster social connections between team members

  • Improves community and creativity

  • Innovative, with an emphasis on technology

Inviting and Desirable Spaces

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to meeting spaces. These spaces come in a variety of sizes and can be furnished differently to fit the needs of those using the space.

Meeting spaces can be private or in an open environment. Not all meetings require a meeting room, and some meetings need a little more privacy. Creating spaces that are fun, and inviting and foster social connections still needs to be flexible and purposeful.

Improves Community and Creativity

Spaces that are fun and inviting attract more team members and foster more connections. Using pops of color, natural lighting, artwork, and even displaying your company's mission statement or brand values will help drive creativity.

Innovative spaces with an emphasis on technology

Zoom rooms, podcast rooms, and soundproof booths are the new normal. Pre-pandemic, rooms dedicated to video conferencing were a second thought. But in today's workplace where zoom calls lead a large portion of our meetings, we need rooms that can feature beautiful backdrops, proper lighting, and sound control.

Multi-person pods and booths are also trending due to their flexible nature. In the past, these items were quickly cut from the budget, but as they become more affordable and flexible, we are seeing more and more companies invest in these types of meeting spaces.

And let's not forget having access to adequate power and technology. This is a must for all meeting spaces. Regardless of the space, power is a necessity to work and stay productive.

Accessories like power towers, tabletop power, and even power beams are great to have sprinkled around.

Have more questions about meeting spaces? Contact us today!


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