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Introducing Kimball Narrate- Design Within Your Workspace

Interior Resources is excited to introduce Kimball's latest Narrate- an expressive, flexible, open plan design system that allows you to tell your brand story throughout the workspace landscape.

Narrate epitomizes the future of adaptable, modern design. With a crisp, clean aesthetic, Narrate offers a streamlined framework that provides designers with the ability to maximize flexibility, while bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products – while never compromising design.

Bringing together a wide range of complementary components and products, Narrate’s end panel system can be outfitted with customized graphics, mixed materials, NARRATE ™ 2 layered panels, seamed panels and more.

The collection allows designers to incorporate ‘shelters’, creating visual interest, acoustical separation or to encourage private thinking areas. With an advanced infrastructure, Narrate fully supports teams with a seamless integration of storage, technology, and the choice of static or height-adjustable work surfaces.

What’s more, technology is effortlessly incorporated with the ease of connection through any panel and cleanly concealed throughout the system. Narrate works hard for you, instinctively combining design, technology and flexibility to support a dynamic workplace environment. To learn more, click here.


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