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Kimball Nate + Natty™ | A Friendly Family of Seating

We're excited to present Kimball's Nate & Natty! Designed by Pam Light and John Duffy of pL-D, this friendly family of plush seating provides balance and comfort, while being versatile and intentionally simplistic in form. The ability to offer mix of materials, textures and colors make Nate & Natty™ a lively offering with a fresh approach to standard seating

A complete seating family with robust offering of configuration and material options, Nate & Natty is available in conference seating, side chairs and stools providing all day comfort with beauty and design.

Available with or without arms in range on base and upholstery options, Nate and Natty portrays a welcome aesthetic with functionality that fosters well-being and engagement.

Features & Options:

  • Conference seating, side chairs and stools available with or without arms

  • Conference seating is standard with a swivel base, height adjustment, and knee-tilt control with tilt-lock

  • Side chairs available with a swivel or spider base and wood or metal legs

  • Counter and bar-height stools available with wood or metal legs

  • Swivel base is low-profile, four-star, polished aluminum with glide or caster options

  • Polished aluminum spider base features an auto-return mechanism

  • Side chairs with metal legs are available in cinder or chrome

  • Contrasting fabric may be specified for the back and seat

  • Optional contrasting stitching

  • Stools feature a footrest under structure; on wood models the footrest is chrome and metal models the footrest matches the frame

For more information about Nate & Natty, contact us today.


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