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Inspired by Butterflies-Introducing Sunon's Newest Task Chair

Butterfly is a chair with bionic design elements integrated. Like a butterfly that emerges from its cocoon and embraces the sky, it presents a feeling of hope and courage, motivating us to brave the waves and face up to challenges.

Aesthetic Design

The butterfly chair is inspired by the butterfly wings. The designer transforms the support structure of the wings into a Y-shaped back frame of the chair. The chair looks like a dancing butterfly while giving you sufficient support and accompanying you through every stage of your progressive career.

Storage Function of Backrest, Adding Fun to Practicability


  • Optional headrest with adjustment range: 0-45mm

  • Adjustable Arms (Height and Width)

  • 20° Backrest Tilt Angle

  • Self-loaded, Four position lock

  • The Y-shaped back frame is designed with a 40cm*50cm large-capacity storage space for nap pillow, bags, and files

  • The Y-shaped chair backrest gives reliable support to your back and waist.

  • The ergonomic backrest follows your gestures in different positions, giving you reliable support in various working statuses

Colors + Materials


Butterfly_Brochure (1)
Download PDF • 8.18MB

A new wave of employees are returning back to the office and the IRG team has been testing a variety of task chairs. Check out our full list of fully ergonomic task chairs we are loving here.

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