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Coming Soon! Muraflex's MIMO takes over the IR Showroom

In the months to come, our Interior Resources showroom will be welcoming the newest product from the Muraflex family. Say hello to the state-of-the-art MIMO.

About MIMO

Let in more light. Show off architectural elements. MIMO from Muraflex is not only the most slender and sophisticated demountable wall solution, but also the most versatile, flexible, and convenient. Made from fully recyclable aluminum, frames are available in innumerable colors and finishes and can accept an endless variety of wall materials.

If it can be glazed, we can make a wall out of it. MIMO is a true demountable wall system. Which means it is installed over existing flooring, accommodates all kinds of doors and storage systems, can be fully wired and can be easily moved and reconfigured. So if you staff up, you can switch it up. If you change your mind, you can change your walls. With MIMO, you not only get the most minimal frame, you also get the least amount of fuss.

To learn more about MIMO, visit


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