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5 Reasons Why to Choose Glass Walls

1. Muraflex's demountable partitions are designed to respond to you or your clients needs and requests by being fully customizable and reconfigurable.

2. Noise and sound can play a big role in productivity. With Muraflex's glass walls, excessive noise is significantly reduced in open settings.

3. Glass walls are modern and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Glass walls maximize natural light, often reaching the darkest, most over-looked corners of the office.

5. And last but certainly not least, they serve as a easy-to-clean-and-sanitize barrier between you and others without jeopardizing ones safety during this global pandemic. With glass walls, you can continue to work and see your colleagues without the heightened fear or risk of catching the virus . Glass can be easily cleaned and disinfected using a variety of cleaners and solutions.


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