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Unique Ways To Use Kimball's Narrate

We know that Kimball's Narrate is a great solution to standard open office solutions, but did you know that Narrate can be used to create other unique furniture pieces like reception desks and a meditation room?

Narrate's flexibility and customizable features allow designers to not only exercise maximum creativity, but design with function in mind.

Check out the images below for a little workspace inspiration.

Narrate’s end panel system can be outfitted with customized graphics, mixed materials,layered panels, seamed panels and more.

The collection allows designers to incorporate ‘shelters’, creating visual interest, acoustical separation or to encourage private thinking areas. With an advanced infrastructure, Narrate fully supports teams with a seamless integration of storage, technology, and the choice of static or height-adjustable work surfaces.

You can even use Narrate to create breakout spaces or... meditation spaces like the meditation space above.

In the images above, Narrate has been used to create a reception desk. There’s a lot going on with Narrate, and for good reason. The system provides essential components every worker needs, along with plenty of fresh ideas. Top to bottom, end to end, Narrate makes a clean statement and supports workers on multiple levels.

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