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Product Review: Safco Active- Focal Fidget Stool

Last week our friends at the The Johnson Group dropped by with a new stool in hand. And after our curiosity took over, the IR team insisted that they leave this stool behind so we could test it out for a few days.

At first we were hesitant. This stool is extremely light weight and weighs next to nothing. With our clients in mind, we tested it's durability by toting it around, taking it outside and using it in settings that we could see this item being used in. To our surprise, it passed and we never found a scuff mark.

After it passed our durability and quality test, we enjoyed the fact that it could be easily carried and moved around from station to station, conference to reception, and yes- even outside. And because it was so light weight, it made it easy to store or hide away when we needed to clean up and prepare for a showroom tour.

The stool is also insanely comfortable and its comfort quickly became the talking topic of the day. We each took a turn using it and found ourselves reluctant to give it up when the time came.

From rocking back and forth to moving in circles all while maintaining perfect posture is of course our favorite part of the stool. It's so much fun! Our feedback- WE LOVE IT!

Reasons We Love It:

  • Surprisingly comfortable

  • Light weight and easy to store under tables, cabinets and desks

  • The curved seat naturally forces the individual to improve posture

  • Fun and active

  • Enhances movement

  • Easy to clean

Where can you use this stool?

This stool is so versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces. Aside from our desks at IR, we can easily picture this stool in a collaborative area or small meeting space. It's perfect for those who want flexible furniture and want to quickly pull up a seat.

We can also see students loving this stool in a classroom setting, computer lab or even a library where they can collaborate and work together.

This stool could also function as a physicians stool in a healthcare setting like an orthopedic office.


About Focal Fidget Active Stool

Fidget is built to encourage a natural fidgeting motion that may actually help encourage increased muscle engagement, focus and activity for a movement-rich workday. A great alternative to the classic task chair, this unique seat allows you to move, twist, and rock back and forth to help fuel your body’s natural desire to fidget.

• Ideal seat for active and engaged work

• Design helps promote fidgeting movements that helps keep the user more active throughout the day

• EVA foam seat cushion with sitz bone contour guides (patent pending) for optimal comfort

• Available in 14”, 18” or 22” heights to suit a variety of settings and users

• Anti-skid rubber grip on the base keeps seat in place during activity

• Lightweight construction for easy mobility, making it easy to reconfigure spaces as needed or carry between workspaces

• Constructed with ABS plastic and reinforced nylon

• Sturdy steel support leg holds up to 300 lbs.

• Available in Black to suit a variety of space needs

• Designed by Martin Keen

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