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Fresh 2018. New Products from Kimball.

This year at NeoCon, Kimball released a handful of products that were designed to inspire, improve well-being, and focus on people with the goal of comfort and happiness in the workplace. Let's take a look at what's fresh for 2018.

Blending appealing style with comfort and versatility, Nate and Natty provide a flexible array of seating options to give users and guests a better experience. Natty is a small-scale side chair available with a variety of bases. Paired with Nate, the larger scale caster-swivel version, both provide a welcome new arrangement to today’s work landscapes.

Designed by pLD.

∙ Nate: Larger scale option on swivel caster base with height adjust and knee tilt ∙ Natty base options include metal 4-leg, spider base, cantilevered metal, sled base, and wood ∙ Natty: Multi-purpose side chair, bar and counter height stools ∙ Arm and armless options

Helio™ embraces human and natural elements to create the perfect balance of personal comfort and visual continuity. When you make your workspace Helio-centric, your seating blends harmoniously with the scenery to enhance the aesthetic and elevate comfort and well-being.

• Task, Sit-to-stand, 4 leg side chair and stool • Conference C-shape arm and task arm option • White or Black translucent mesh

Wilder brings a sense of warmth and sophistication to waiting places, while keeping the rigorous needs of healthcare facilities in mind. With soft rounded shapes and unique wood details, Wilder invites people to sit back and relax. The collection includes lounge, guest and bench solutions.

• Structural back frame is overlaid with soft urethane foam • Optional moisture barrier on seat & back • 360 degree clean-out design • Wall saver leg • European Beech legs • Adjustable glides

Pairings Nook creates a respite in the open work environment. The single Nook provides a place for individual downtime while the 2 and 3-seat Nooks, with optional meeting surfaces and storage, create a semi-private space for gathering.

Designed by pLD.

• Multiple collaboration tools • Light (on arm) maximizes working space without jeopardizing privacy • Opening on top provides natural light within Nooks without jeopardizing privacy • Mix collaboration and “heads down work” within a small footprint • Channels within back panels to hide wires, but allow easy drop-down from back of monitor to floor

Designed for the evolving workplace, the KORE Mobile Office serves as an individual workstation equipped with height-adjustable surfaces, storage, work tools, and untethered power to provide a flexible and adaptable solution.

Designed by Daniel Korb.

Mobile offices are available with fixed height or adjustable height surface • Height adjust carts include pneumatic lift bases • Back panels are specified separately with multiple material options • 13 hour rechargeable battery pack that works with multiple devices • Accessory rail will accept Canopy work tools

With an enhanced offering, Priority takes height adjust to the next level. New storage solutions and redesigned modesty panels offer an even cleaner aesthetic, so you can go from sitting to standing in style.

Breakfront height adjustable desk • Features a metal shroud that will go up with the worksurface so cords stay concealed • Additional wall panels and storage options are included • The wall panels include options for shelves or a workrail that accept the same work tool as Narrate

To address the increasing importance of height-adjust in the workplace, Xsede now offers single-column 2-stage bases with 2 -stage and 3-stage heights. Also new to Xsede are power beam solutions with privacy screens in low and high versions and different lengths to make various configurations.

Adjustable Height Base Additions:

• Expanded height adjustment range by adding 2 stage and 3 stage height option in addition to the current sit-to-stand range. • Added a single column adjustable height base option • L base configurations will now support one piece worksurface shapes

Power Beam Additions:

• Expanded beam offering to include a low beam, high beam, and power panel to address a varying degree of privacy and configuration options • Added screens to allow the beam to divide space • The high beam and power panel can be used free standing with height adjust or to support fixed worksurfaces • Ceiling power poles allow power entry from the ceiling in addition to the floor • Various connectors allow the beams and panel to create various shape configurations in addition to a straight line

Bringing a timeless style to the workplace where design and unparalleled quality meet, fiXT includes occasional tables, worktables and bookcases available in a range of sizes and heights. Bench or stool seating complete this classic collection with a perfect match of style and functionality. Mobility options make reconfigurability of any space effortless to support the flexible landscapes.

Variety is a key feature of Canopy's concept- the balance between collective and individual needs, collaborative and solitary work, the dictates of the morning and those of the afternoon. Canopy seamlessly combines utility with unexpected materials- exposed plywood edges, colorful work tools, wood truss accents, natural wool felt and a unique bungee display system- to create spaces that not only function, but inspire.

Designed by Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A.

Designed to support informal meetings, Joelle brings casual charm to the workplace. Contrasting fabrics, stitching details, wood legs and leather strap options allow you to create seating unique to the space.

Playful in design, simple in form. Pep has an unspoken elegance and a durable structure making it a great addition to any application. With a contour shape that provides comfort all day long, Pep is a true standout. Combine different shell, frame and leg options to give personality and character to this playful chair.

Kimball Health's latest product releases are designed to support the landscape of today's healthcare facilities with seamless and durable solutions for both public zones and clinical spaces. Working together, Alterna Modular Cabinetry, Wilder seating and the Greer Patient Recliner work seamlessly to create comfortable and durable spaces for healing.


∙ Arm caps available in finished beech wood, 3D laminate, polyurethane or solid surface

∙ Infinite back lock in one degree increments to full sleeping position

∙ Optional non-marking central locking, dual wheel grey casters for hard and soft surfaces

∙ Optional moisture barrier on seat

∙ Removable upholstery cover on the footrest

∙ Supportive, contoured back

∙ Non-marking, individual locking grey casters for hard and soft surfaces

∙ Independent footrest and back operation

∙ Optional bump guard: plastic, protective welt cord

∙ Optional pull-out foot rest

∙ Optional push bar

Thoughtfully designed, Spruce and Joelle offer solutions to meet the unique and critical needs of today's behavioral wellness facilities. The single seat lounge in Spruce, paired with multiple sizes of ottomans and tables from Joelle, blend together to create safe environments that are both serene and comfortable.

JOELLE: • Weighted for safety • 3D laminate plinth base conceals upholstery staples • All fasteners are tamper resistant • Low profile nylon glides protect floor from damage • Complements standard Joelle line for cohesive look

SPRUCE: • Weighted for safety • Wall-saver back legs • Clean-out between seat and back • Steel plate seat pan conceals upholstery • Tamper-resistant glides • Optional secured arm caps in beech wood, polyurethane, 3D laminate, or solid surface • Compliments standard Spruce line for cohesive look

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