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How to Attract Millennial's To Your Business

As more and more baby boomers prepare for retirement, top companies like Google, Apple and Facebook are eager to welcome the eccentric minds of Millennial's into the workforce. But the question still lingers-how are these top companies attracting these young minds? As a Millennial myself, I am pleased to share some insight to our career expectations and what appeals to us.

1. Technology: Millennial's were raised during a time where technology was the forefront to our upbringing. It is no secret that we are technology dependent are therefore we expect updated software, compatible devices, faster WIFI speed and efficient computers. Technology has been a leading factor in how we learn, how we live and now how we work.

2. Engineer the space. Because of how we were raised and how we work, Millennial's need things like charging stations, adequate access to power, wireless devices, and so on. Our work space should be functional and flexible.

3. Convenience. Millennial's are multi-taskers and we thrive on convenience to make multi-tasking easier and more productive. If we are constantly disrupted due to a lack of convenience, such as poor technology or non-flexible work hours, we are more likely to become frustrated and seek out a company that better fits our working lifestyle. So what constitutes being convenient? There isn't one specific correct answer other than the concept of our needs being met. Here is a hint. Our needs are on this list.

5. Embrace Mobile devices as a tool at the office. Millennial's grew up connected to the internet and this is how we work. But like I mentioned above, we thrive off of convenience and flexibility. We can respond to emails, take calls, and surf the web a lot faster on our mobile devices and tablets then on a computer that is lethargic and lacks consistent internet connections. Our mobile devices can be used anywhere and in any space. And because we like to work in a variety of spaces, our Mobile devices serving as a tool at the office shouldn't be considered a problem but a tool.

6. Get Involved. Millennial's like to feel like they are making a difference. Whether it is by sponsoring a local charity or participating in a marathon for a good cause, giving back is important. In fact, we are more likely to align ourselves with a company that we know is making a difference rather than choosing a higher salary. So pick a cause or a good deed and get involved.

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