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There is no such thing as permanent.

In today’s office, there is no such thing as permanent. Every day individuals are exposed to newer and better products with the intent of making life more convenient. The same is true for workspaces. We live in a world where technology dominates how we work. As we continue to see offices transition into more human-centered working environments, the idea of “permanent” is a concept to be left in the past.

Thanks to Muraflex, office walls are no longer changeless and can be reconfigured to better fit your office needs, when your office needs it.

Introducing MIMO

MIMO is a true demountable wall system. Which means it is installed over existing flooring, accommodates all kinds of doors and storage systems, can be fully wired and can be easily moved and reconfigured. So if you staff up, you can switch it up. If you change your mind, you can change your walls. With MIMO, you not only get the most minimal frame, you also get the least amount of fuss.

MIMO is a highly versatile and customizable demountable wall system thanks to its unique modular design, and therefore lends itself perfectly to your specific requirements. Engineered to address multiple configurations for different applications, MIMO can easily be interchanged from center glaze to offset glaze to double glaze, whether it is in 3/8” or 1/2” glass, all using the same core profile. MIMO is the go-to system for many esteemed companies who have made it the standard for their new office installations such as AIG, Citi Bank, Chase Bank, to name a few.

Endless Options

The options are endless with MIMO. If it can be glazed, it can be made into a wall. All we need is your vision and creativity. Need help? Let our team of experts guide you.


Carefully engineered to exacting standards, MIMO’s frames and hardware will provide you with the greatest strength, durability, and reliability, in the slimmest profile possible.

Want to learn more about MIMO? Contact us today or stop by our showroom and see MIMO for yourself.

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