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How Kimball's Narrate is Changing the History of Office Systems

Narrate by Kimball

We are seeing a increasing trend in workplace expression. From company colors painted throughout the office to mission statements and graphics being turned into wall art, ways to express your company are coming in all shapes and sizes.

Furniture plays a large role in workplace expression. Whether it is the floor plan design or the bright and vibrant textiles chosen for your seating area, furniture sets the tone of the environment.

For decades, panel systems have played a significant role in the office environment but have been aesthetically ignored...UNTIL NOW.

Narrate by Kimball is changing the panel system marketplace as we know it by combining design, technology and flexibility to support a dynamic workplace environment while also offering a wide range of aesthetic choices to address the needs of today's office.

To sum up Narrate, Narrate is:

1. Budget friendly and cost competitive

2. Flexible, customizable and aesthetically pleasing

3. Loaded with technology integration

4. Easy to reconfigure

5. Full of seamless storage integration.

To learn more about Narrate here.

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