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How to Attract Prospective Students to Your Campus

Today, learning means so much more than sitting and listening. It's engaging and interactive. Learning spaces must adapt to the advancements of technology and the every day demand of how students want to learn.

Students prefer a more hands-on approach to both learning and living, making traditional classroom settings a thing of the past.

Universities are marketing themselves to prospective students by pitching their perks and variety of amenities, all which are a priority for incoming students. From state-of-the-art technology to gourmet dining and advanced recreational opportunities, the learning experience is being completely tailored to the students preference. Simply put, education is shifting from teacher-centered to student-centered and universities must keep up with this active transition.

As we evolve from conventional to student-centered environments, the design and layout must also progress. Lets take a look at some learning solutions that support this new shift.


Create spaces for students to take a break, have a conversation and enjoy a meal with seating configurations that are welcoming and encourage students to stay a while.


Transform traditional classroom settings into spaces that are interactive and engaging with tables, seating and smart support products designed for listening, hearing, sharing, thinking and collaborating as a group.


Inspire creativity and increase collaboration with these "pull up a chair" meeting spaces also known as creative spaces or collaboration zones.

Don't forget to support these areas with the proper necessities such as a white board to jot down brainstorming ideas and plenty of power sources for laptops and devices.

Wireless charging stations, like ChargeSpot, are a great perk for prospective students, especially since Millennials and Generation Y are so connected to their mobile devices and tablets.

Pairings,Dwell and Wish from Kimball
Pairings and Lusso from Kimball


Create focus areas for those needing a more quiet setting to study and get their projects done. These spaces dilute distractions and maximize productivity while still being flexible and mobile.

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