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How Color and Light Impacts Productivity Within a Workspace

The impact of color within the workspace

Take a moment and look at your workspace. What colors do you see? If the primary color is white then you are in need of some updating. Colors and natural light have a major influence on the brain and how it functions. Not only do colors affect a person’s mood, but also their productivity and effectiveness. If the walls in your workspace are white or neutral, then it’s time to grab a can of paint.

Recent studies found that visual elements, including wall color, have a positive psychological effect on employees and their well being. Colors can help create a happy and healthy work environment by:

  • Reducing stress

  • increasing productivity and alertness

  • Positive moods and encouraging behaviors

  • Fewer illnesses and absenteeism

Adding color can be simple and cost effective. Simply changing the wall color can transform your work environment and increase the success of your business.

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