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Thoughtful Compliments to Give to Your Coworkers

It's easy to get busy in our daily routines, but this year we challenge you to take a moment and give a genuine compliment to one of your coworkers daily. Are you up for the challenge? Check out our list of workplace appropriate compliments below:

Compliments for Specific Projects:

  • "Your presentation today was great! I admire how clearly you communicate."

  • "I loved what you had to say about X, and I would really like to learn more about it if you are open."

  • "I can't get over how awesome your presentation was. I might need to pick your brain the next time I have to give one."

  • "Way to go on that project! It was clear that you worked hard on it."

  • " Thanks again for your hard work on the X project. I enjoy working with you."

General Workplace Compliments:

  • "I see how hard you've been working and I admire you."

  • 'Hey, I know work has been busy lately, and I just want to say that everything you do is incredible."

  • "Having you on the team makes a huge difference."

  • "I enjoy working with you."

  • "Hey X! I just want to say that I am inspired by how hard you work."

  • "You mean a lot to the team."

  • "Your ideas and suggestions are fantastic."

  • "You've got a killer worth ethic."

  • "I admire your work and would love to sit down and get your opinion on some things."

  • "You are a great teammate and I enjoy working with you."

  • "Our team can learn a lot from you. Great job!"

  • "Fantastic work!"

  • "You are great to work with."

  • "Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand. It means a lot."

  • "It's obvious you have put a lot of time and effort in. Great job."

  • "You are a great addition to the team."

  • "I am excited to learn from you."

  • "Keep up the great work."

  • "I appreciate how reliable you are. I know I can count on you."

  • "It's always enjoyable to collaborate with you."


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