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How to Add Efficiency and Organization in a Open Floor Plan

As we see an increase in open office plans, we are challenged by the lack of privacy and organizational inconsistency. In a survey by OfficeMax, employees felt that clutter within the work space has a negative impact on their productivity, mentality and happiness. With an open office floor plan, more people can see into an individuals work space creating risk for being judged as disorganized, inefficient and unproductive. According to research staffing firm Adecco, the majority of employees admit they judge coworkers by how clean and organized they keep their work spaces.

With any open office floor plan, a functional workstation that is both organized and comfortable is important. Today's work culture is heavily reliant on technology and often requires us to connect to multiple devices. Recent surveys show that a large amount of employees agree that they can improve on organization within the work space and have admitted to spending more than 1 hour searching for a document or file within a short period of time due to being unorganized and operating in a cluttered space. So how do you limit work space clutter in an open floor office plan?

Re-invent Your Work Space

Because more people are working off flat-panel monitors than ever before, a flexible, strong and adjustable monitor arm, like Humanscale's M2, is an essential tool in the modern office. Adding adjustable monitor arms eliminates unnecessary clutter from monitors and computer towers that often required a large amount of space within a work station. Humanscale’s range of robust monitor arms offers ultimate stability, sleek design and effortless functionality. They instantly create a more dynamic and comfortable workstation, while supporting a healthier, more ergonomic workstation by allowing users to adjust the monitors to the correct height, helping to prevent eye and neck strain.

Eliminate Cable Clutter

Docking stations blend flexibility, cohesiveness and technology-integrated features into one small tool, designed to accommodate multiple devices while eliminating cable clutter and increasing user comfort, health and productivity.

Hot desks and BYOD (bring your own device) work spaces are an increasing trend in modern-day work cultures. Docking stations allow users to connect and disconnect effortlessly without hassle. Workstations can become flexible and interchangeable, addressing the changing needs of today's users and organizations.

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