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NeoCon 2020: The First Ever Virtual Show

Well, we've made it to June! This year has been notably the most unforseen, unpredicted, crazy year yet. Thank you COVID. And like all un-cancelled pre-scheduled events, NeoCon went virtual.

From virtual tours of showrooms to live keynote webinars- this year's NeoCon made history. And like all NeoCon shows, we are here to share this year's trends and insights. We spent weeks working with our manufacturers- learning what they were planning to launch and what they were updating.

It is important to note that while most manufacturers still participated in launching their new product during the week of NeoCon, a handful of manufacturers opted out and plan on making next year's show even better.

So let's get started. Here's what we can recap from this year's show:

Scandinavian and Retro

From one end of the spectrum to the other end- Scandinavian and retro designed product were this year's stand-out themes. We saw a lot of natural woods, metals, clean lines and simplistic designs followed with a lot of mood-boosting combinations of color, shapes and sizes.

Sofas + Sectionals

Sofa's and sectional's had a huge presence in this year's show. From plush sofa's designed to cozy up on to hearty sectionals designed for highly used, high-traffic areas, it was clear that these ancillary pieces were on everyone's mind.


Like sofa's and sectionals, storage pieces like credenzas, TV entertainment stands, shelving, and lockers had a heavy presence in this years show.


Let's not forget our friends, the poufs. These handy little pieces made a comeback due to their convenience and smaller footprint.

Brass and Bronze Finishes

Last year rose gold and gold finishes made it's big appearance, but this year the rock star's are a rich bronze and classy brass. We saw a wide range of uses, from table legs and bases to drawer pulls and buttons.

Dressed-up Tables

Speaking of details, let's talk table details. This year conference tables had an elevated design to them. With their angled legs, rounded corners and bronze finishes, tables took on a very polished, dressed-up approach.

We also saw a lot of tables with personality. From stained wood to metal embellishments, tables are this year's statement piece.

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