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Fresh New Favs from Kimball International

Last October Kimball, National Office, Etc., and Interwoven brands all launched new products just in time for NeoCon and continued to release even more product through the rest of 2021.

Check out some of our fresh new favorites below:

Kimball EverySpace--

EverySpace offers adaptable architecture that can flex and flow as needs change and work styles evolve. By putting the user at the center of its design, this modular, customizable platform combines personal elements with functional solutions. EverySpace allows for the creation of tailormade workspaces that elegantly support users throughout their day. Its capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

At first glance, EverySpace's iconic Y-leg design grabs your attention. Then, you’ll notice how each component stacked above or below the base is a thoughtful balance of pattern, functionality, and beauty. This rhythm between design and basic need is the fundamental keystone of EverySpace.

Click here to learn more:

Kimball Paradolia--

Now more than ever, privacy and boundaries are driving workspace design and space planning. Employees want their own space; a space that they can safely retreat to without worrying about the health of others.

At the start of the pandemic, we saw a huge demand for screens. Whether they were for your reception desk, workstations, or conference tables- screens became an office staple.

Unfortunately we haven't seen the end of this pandemic, but what we do know is that people want to get back to the office. Which leads us to our next fresh favorite, Kimball Paradolia.

Paradolia provides a modern solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional (ahem-que privacy and boundaries).

With its softly-shaped curves and double sides, Paradolia also has a significant sound-absorbing effect.

National Hobson--

Hello Hobson! Matching comfort with elegance, this new lounge staple balances artistry with timeless form.

It's wood frame brings warmth and style, while its mid and low back options provide endless comfort. It's time to retreat.

Etc. Romilda--

Etc.'s newest Romilda elongated media console and collection has us swooning. With its rounded ends, black glass top, and metal angular legs, it’s simply divine.

Interwoven Ezzeri--

Healthcare recliners can be intimidating with their buttons, levers, controls and handles. But with Interwoven's Ezzeri, that is not the case. Ezzeri employs an innovative self-weighting recline mechanism that removes the need for multiple handles and controls. Creating a neutral balance for the patient, this unique feature provides maximum ergonomic benefit with minimal effort for the patient and caregiver.

The sleek and clean design transcends aesthetic form by giving careful consideration to caregivers' practical needs, while also enhancing patient comfort, balance and wellbeing.


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