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IRG's 4th of July Cupcake Wars Recap

This year's 4th of July looked a little different for IRG. Instead of hosting our annual 4th of July potluck where we share our favorite foods and grill out while enjoying a firework or two-- we opted for something more COVID friendly.

Instead of sharing our favorite dishes, we enjoyed individually wrapped hot dogs catered by Sams Club, pizza, chips and of course... cupcakes (which led us to our cupcake wars).

As many of you may have seen on social media, over the holiday weekend our team competed in an in-house bake-off! That's right! We baked cupcakes with the hopes of winning one of the 4 championship positions. Needless to say- furniture is our day job but baking cupcakes may just be our hidden talent. (wink, wink)


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