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How to Stimulate Success with Creative Spaces

Technological advances have changed they way we do business and continues to revolutionize how we work, transitioning our traditional offices into flexible and more collaborative environment.

Research shows that if you and your employees are comfortable, they are more likely to be productive and creative. With the right workspace layout, you can create a transparent work environment that stimulates success and creativity.

Creative spaces, or an informal meeting area, make a great collaboration zone or huddle spot that can inspire spontaneous brainstorming, collaborative discussion and innovation. What is required for a creative space? It's simple. Check out or recommendations below:

  • Add furniture that is comfortable AND approachable is key for facilitating collaboration.

  • Add a media board or white board to help ideas become a visual success.

  • Don't forget to add easy-to-access power to support devices and wireless charging stations for a less-cluttered feel. (Read more about clutter and how it can have a negative impact on productivity here)

  • Take advantage of natural light.


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