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Trends of NeoCon 2018

This year marked the 5oth anniversary of NeoCon, celebrating 50 years of brilliant minds, bold design and tomorrows future. We celebrated the evolving work styles, the oscillations of workplace culture, aesthetic trends and the blurring of our markets. NeoCon 50 represents the historical timeline of our industry- how far we’ve come, where we are going and what continues to be relevant. So, let’s recap this iconic event and dig into the trends, both old and new, of NeoCon50.

Markets Unite

Corporate spaces continue to blur the lines between home and work, and this year at NeoCon, residential inspired comfort continued to dominate design in both the corporate and healthcare markets. Hospitality aesthetics also made a strong impact on healthcare furniture and behavior health pieces were not neglected this year. The blurring lines of hospitality and residential will continue to be at the forefront of design.


Working comfortably was a common theme among showrooms. As our focus continues to be directed at the employee and how they want to work, comfort was at the top of the priority list along with flexibility and functionality.


Bold, jewel-toned color pallets were ubiquitously present throughout every showroom. Deep burgundies and rich forest greens were unanimously a crowd favorite for corporate spaces. Bright colors and lively patterns were the highlight of healthcare spaces and textile companies such as Architex showcased their newest healthcare approved silicon hybrid swatches that won designer’s attention.

Texture and Natural Elements

We saw a lot of velvet and natural elements such as glass, wood, cork, and raw metals throughout the showcases, adding a rustic touch to table bases and even desks. Wooden legs were still a popular detail to lounge pieces, seating and ottomans.

The Classics Return

Another common trend this year was mixing classic leather sofas with todays modern seating. Check out Kimball’s Independence Hillsborough, one of Kimball’s earliest seating pieces paired with Theo, Lusso and Fixt.


This year we saw a lot of masculinity throughout the showrooms. From leather covered sofas and ottomans to the mixing of veneers and wood. A strong, bold, masculine aesthetic was present.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design was HUGE this year at NeoCon50. From live walls to mobile carts and even systems, greenery was everywhere.

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