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Better Healthcare: NeoCon 2018 Trends

This year at NeoCon50, healthcare design was a priority. And with recent events in the news covering mental health, designing for behavior health environments was a top priority.

Over the last few years, the lines between healthcare design and hospitality have been blending, leaving the stark, sterile vibe as a thing in the past. But we still ran into issues when it came to finding the furniture solutions that were beautiful, modern and comfortable that met the restrictions and regulations of a healthcare setting.

This year at NeoCon, those complications were matched with solutions. From new lounge and seating options to casegoods, and nurse stations- healthcare design as we know it is about to be a thing in the past. Lets take a look at what we saw at NeoCon50.


White wasn't the only color in healthcare this year. Bright colors and lively patterns were a hit.

Style & Comfort

It is all about comfort and durability when it comes to healthcare design. But modern beauty this years highlight. As previously mentioned, healthcare design is taking a residential/hospitality approach.

Flexibility and Function

From the admin desk to patient rooms to private offices, consistency in design was found throughout a variety of spaces thanks to flexibility and function.

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