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5 things to do this holiday

The holidays are always a time that brings out the joy and happiness in us all. Its a time where we enjoy the memories we've shared and create new memories for years to come. This is also true at the office. This week, we are focusing on festive activities that are workplace appropriate and get you and your staff in the holiday spirit.

5 things to do this holiday

  1. Throw a office happy hour and decorate the tree. Taking a break at the end of the day to bring out festive decorations is a great way to encourage your staff to work together and bond. This year at IR Group, we chose to make it a happy hour. We cranked up the holiday jams, made a few holiday cocktails and enjoyed munching on our favorite spreads, crackers and yes-cookies while decorating the showroom. We even played a few games and shared memories from previous years.

  2. Plan a holiday party or lunch for your team. Planning a holiday lunch or party is the perfect way to say thank you for a great year and happy holidays. Holiday lunches or parties show gratitude and appreciation. Plus, you can get creative and the ideas are endless. Encourage your team to wear their favorite holiday sweater or outfit. Plan a few games that ignite team bonding. Host a cookie contest.

  3. Give back to your local community. There is no better way to welcome the holidays than by giving back to those who are less fortunate. Plan a team outing at a local food bank, visit a few animal shelters, sponsor an angel tree or reach out to your favorite cause and ask how you can get involved.

  4. Spread holiday cheer with a simple note. Hand written notes are on of the easiest ways to say happy holidays and season greetings and still have the most impact. Take time out of your schedule to say thank you this holiday season.

  5. Binge on cookies and sparkling cider. Seriously. Bring on the sugar! The holidays are the perfect time to fit in that extra cookie or two without having to make up an excuse. Host a cookie day and let your team bring in their favorite cookie of the holiday. There is nothing sweeter than a warm cookie to put you in a great mood.

Happy holidays from our work family at IR Group to yours.

Have a holiday idea for the office? Share what you and your team do to get in the holiday spirit.

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