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5 Ways to Show Gratitude at the Office

Thank you-fall setting

The holiday season naturally boosts happiness by bringing us closer to people. Although gratitude should be practiced throughout the year, Thanksgiving in particular reminds us how much we appreciate the people in both our personal and professional lives. Check out our simple tips for showing gratitude at the office.


1. Send a thank you note. Sending a small thank you note to a coworker or client is a easy way show that you appreciate that person and you are thankful for their hard work and generosity.

2. Treats. Say thank you with a sweet treat. Surprising your employees with morning muffins or a catered lunch is an easy way to get the team together and celebrate their hard work.

3. Words of affirmation. A simple, "thank you for all your hard work" makes a bigger difference than you may think. When someone has gone the extra mile, let them know that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

4. Team Outing. Change the environment and plan a happy hour event with your team at a local eatery. Employees can relax, enjoy each others company and celebrate this years success.

5. Do a kind gesture. Doing a kind gesture is a great way to physically show how thankful you are. Offer to take someone out to lunch or if they are busy, bring back lunch for them. If able, volunteer to take something off their work load, or simply take a moment to get to know them by asking about their hobbies or interests.

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