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How to Increase Happiness in the Workplace

Employee satisfaction continues to be the highest priority for employers and employees --especially Millennials who will make up a massive 46% of the workforce by 2020. Leading this new wave of workplace experience is the concept of workspace wellness. From open floor plans and informal meeting spaces, to encouraged breaks and more ergonomic-friendly furniture, workspace wellness covers a variety of areas.

Check out our guide below for tips on increasing positive vibes within your work environment.

  • COLORS.​We’ve mentioned this before, but colors stimulate emotion and energy to an office or floor plan. It’s as easy as painting a wall and adding some colorful pillows to the common areas. Check out our post about colors in the workspace here.

  • COMFORT. Investing in more human-centered and ergonomic friendly furniture is an absolute must. Your employees spend hours at a desk, staring at a screen. Having adjustable seating and desk options (i.e. sit-to-stand, height adjustable) along with adjustable monitors are an absolute must.

  • ENCOURAGE INTERACTION. We all know that the more a team gets along, the happier they will be at the office. Encourage interaction among your employees. Set up out-of-office events such as a social hour at your favorite lunch spot. Employees are more likely to support and help one another at the office when a relationship exists.

  • OPEN FLOOR POLICY. Encourage your team to share ideas and feedback with one another and management.

  • INFORMAL SPACES/CREATIVE SPACES. Collaboration is a great way to inspire team work and creativity. Having a comfortable space equipped with adequate power supply and the proper learning tools (such as a white board to share ideas) is ideal. Read more about creative spaces here.

  • WATER. Promote hydration rather than caffeine. Having well filtered water available for employees encourages a healthy lifestyle.

  • HEALTHY SNACKS. Healthy snacks available to employees will also promote a healthy life style. When catering team lunches, lean towards salads and fresh vegetables before pizza.

  • PHYSICAL FITNESS. Physical fitness is just as important as mental fitness. Encourage employees to be more active by offering multiple breaks throughout the day. Suggest a quick stroll around the office or outside to get some sunshine.

  • WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. When an employee or a colleague is performing well, remind them how valuable they are with a simple thank you note.

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