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Our Team Celebrates Halloween with a Competitive Pumpkin Carving Contest

Every year our team partakes in a Monster Mash Potluck for Halloween. We enjoy our favorite Halloween themed foods like Franken Guac, Dirt and Worms and Mummy Dog while dressed to impress in full costume.

This year the Mash was "mashed up" with a competitive pumpkin carving contest. Our team was randomly selected into teams of two, a week before our the party so that they could pick a theme to carve.

The rules were simple. You had to carve your pumpkin in some way, but you are free to use any additional resources such as paint, stickers, feathers, etc.

We had three prizes: The Greatest Pumpkin (Crowd Favorite), Monster Mash-up (Most Technical), and The Nightmare on Oak Lawn (aka Most Likely to End up in a Dumpster). Can you guess which Pumpkin(s) won?

Needless to say, the creativity from all members of our team was exceptional.


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