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Updated: 6 days ago

Stay up-to-date on the latest furniture trends with this list of new product releases and enhancements from our leading manufacturers. Lists are updated weekly. Follow along with #newproductfridays.

week of 08.07.2020

Weiland Latitude

HBF Up Collection

week of 07.30.2020

Armet Macka Collection

Stylex Trim Tables

Acoufelt Cloud Collection

9to5 Seating Luna Side

Compel Office Furniture Amici

week of 07.24.2020

HBF Cityscape

HBF Max Modular

9to5 Seating Clary

Palmieri Furniture Numedia Sola

Palmieri Furniture Numedia Baxter

Palmieri Furniture Numedia Camden

Palmieri Furniture Numedia Shape

InSpec Spira 1.1

InSpec Comet XL

Sandler Seating HDS Collection

FormaSpace Capitol Storage

FormaSpace Continental

FormaSpace Zilker

Versteel Oh! Privacy Screens

KI Wiggle Room

MPS Coligo Panels

Borgo Azzura

Borgo Flame

Borgo Logica

Arrmet Mani Armshell Collection

Arrmet Cepe Collection

Brown Jordan Southampton

PS Furniture Garrick

Leisure Creations Athens

Peter Pepper Protective Essentials

Arcadia Kindred

week of 07.17.2020

Kimball Floor Screens (enhanced)

Kimball Alterna Equipment Rail and Mounting Brackets

Keilhauer Hatch

Keilhauer Ellaby

Keilhauer Verge

Venue Industries Privacy Walls

HBF Jueki

Innerspace Roam Carts

RightAngle New Heights Bluetooth Voice Controlled Sit Stand

Brown Jordan 20Twenty

week of 07.10.2020

2/90 Sign Systems Messages Window Signs

Palmieri Furniture NuMedia Allio

Palmieri Furniture NuMedia Zenn

Palmieri Furniture NuMedia Keystone

Palmieri Furniture NuMedia Solice

Sandler Seating/Inspec Archal

Gordon International Minush

Gordon International Kanvas

Gressco Storage Cubby 7601

FormaSpace 360 Gallery Panel

FormaSpace 512 Communication Board

FormaSpace Arbor Walk

SurfaceTech Bold

Arcadia Delen

Nevers Simple 2.0

Integra Wellness Dividers

Artopex Arlow

Artopex Willow

Artopex Millie

Palmer Hamilton Safety Dividers

week of 07.03.2020

Sandler Seating HDS Outdoor Series

Davis Furniture Kayo

Davis Furniture SoMod

Davis Furniture LightWork

Davis Furniture Ginkgo Rope

Davis Furniture Ariel

Davis Furniture Disc

Davis Furniture Ginko Bar Stool

Davis Furniture JP Lounge

Encore Faction

Unika Vaev Softline Screens

9to5 Seating Sol

Stylex Seating Dela Collection

Via Seating Muir

week of 06.26.2020

Three H CordJacket

Campus Safety Products, LLC RhinoWare Door Baracade System

Frovi Picket Screens

Frovi Protect Screens

Magnuson New Port Desk Accessories

Indiana Furniture Iconic

Indiana Furniture Rockstar

Indiana Furniture Fifteen Lounge

Indiana Furniture Fifteen Pods

Indiana Furniture Runna

Indiana Furniture Strut Legs

Indiana Furniture Screens + Dividers

Diversified Woodcrafts Hand Sanitizer Units

Weiland Lattitude

Weiland Accord Sleep Chair

Weiland Amari Recliner

Weiland Hale Motion

Weiland Trace Motion

Weiland Tublar Collection Extension

Maglin Site Furniture 720 Collection

week of 06.19.2020

Six Inch Fresh Plus

Six Inch Fresh

Davis Furniture Brace

Arcadia Scenery

Kimball Whittaker Enhancements

Kimball Xsede Height Adjust Enhancements

Kimball Health Whittaker

Kimball Health Tucker Enhancements

Source International Everwood

Sandler Seating Flower

week of 06.12.2020

Unika Vaev Scala Collection

Six Inch Scoop

RightAngle 4ever Edge

Hightower Lana Collection

Hightower Dry Collection

Hightower Aia Pouf

Great Openings Antimicrobial Product Collection

PS Furniture Action Stacker

Stance Healthcare Olsen Overbed Table

Compel Pivit Perch

week of 06.05.2020

Three H Hubub

Three H MOS Tall

Three H Sideshare

Via Seating Nebula

Fullbright Isolate Mobile

Enwork Skyline Desktop Side Screens

Ideon/SitOnIt Seating Envoi

Unika Vaev Soneo Wall

ESI MP Series

Maglin Site Furnishings Flexx Collection

Symbiote Height Adjustable ErgoStat Collection

Encore PopOver

Six Inch Link

Six Inch Basic

Six Inch Freestyle

Spec Furniture Tailor Modular

Spec Furniture Parkdale

Spec Furniture Hardi

Spec Furniture Calvin

JSI Furniture Ziva Enhancements

JSI Ansen

Dauphin Bosse Series

Buzzi Space BuzziPlanter

Buzzi Space BuzziJet

Buzzi Space BuzziRing

Buzzi Space Buzzi Tripl

Buzzi Space BuzziShed

Darran EdgeWorks Training

week of 05.29.2020

Special T PET Screens

KFI Studio Midtown Collection

KFI Ambitions Desk

Unika Vaev Trumpet

Unika Vaev DB Pillar Collection

JSI Furniture Millie

Enwork Alkalign

Clarus be!Mobile

Enwork Proxi and Proxi+

Kimball Office Divider Screens

DeskMakers ReFit Solutions

week of 05.22.2020

RightAngle Acrylic Sheilds

Compel Mia Table Collection

Sandler Seating Velcro Social Distancing Strap

PS Furniture Scissor Table

Hightower Ziggy

Homecrest Market Umbrellas

National Office Fringe

National Office Idara

National Office Weli

Maglin Site Furniture Kontur Lounge Collection

week of 05.15.2020

Three H OnGuard

PS Furniture Wals X

Stance Healthcare Bold Seating Collection

Silen Space

week of 05.08.2020

MooreCo Compass Collection

MooreCo Enroll Chair Ft. Seed

RightAngle Privacy Screens

Enwork Harbor Screens

Global Furniture Group Wellness Screens

Jonti Scraft Portable Sinks

Func Mallee Floor Standing Screens

Frovi Laptop Holder

ESI FlexCharge 4

ESI Trada Height Adjust

Claridge Pitch Mobile

week of 05.01.2020

MPS EcoPrivacy Panels Addo


Hightower Work From Home Collection

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