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Why Outdoor Working Spaces Are Attracting Top Talent

Pictured: Landscape Forms Upfit Zones

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and thanks to COVID-19, outdoor spaces are the perfect addition to any and every commercial space.

Thank you, COVID-19, for creating a higher demand for outdoor work spaces within our workplace. After nearly a year of being cooped up inside, fresh air and a fresh, flexible workspace is trending on your top talent's priority list.

Say goodbye to flashy gym memberships and game rooms. Outdoor spaces are the newest amenity that your hardworking employees want and are expecting when they return to the office.

Why Outdoor Spaces?

COVID-19 forced people to take a deeper look into their safety and wellbeing at home and in the office. From cleaning and sanitizing worksurfaces and shared spaces to cleaning the air and investing in better filtration systems- outdoor workspaces quickly became a hot commodity.

Employees want options. They want the option to choose how they use the workplace and they want the option to choose where they work. Whether it is from home, in the office or at the office but outside- options are a must.

Benefits of Working Outdoors

Recent data indicates that more and more individuals find working outside to be better for their health and wellbeing. Below are a few explanations driving this workplace trend.

Fresh Air + Vitamin D

No more breathing poorly filtered office air. Getting outside for some fresh air is a great way to encourage workplace wellness at your facility. Fresh air has higher levels of oxygen which in return improves lung health, boosts your energy, increases mental focus, lowers blood pressure and heart rates, and so much more.

Calming and Relaxing

For over a decade we have placed emphasis on the impact and importance nature and natural elements within the workspace have on our mental health. Simply put, nature magically changes our moods and emotions when it comes to day-to-day activities and stresses.

Sure, adding wood elements, natural lighting and plants help our office landscape but nothing beats being outside, soaking up sunshine and Vitamin D, hearing birds and feeling a gentle breeze.

Less Distractions and More Productive

As previously mentioned, fresh air increases mental focus. But creating a place where employees can go to escape office distractions or alternatively, go outside as an effort to not distract others, is a way of staying productive and respecting others who may be trying to focus.


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