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5 Reasons Your Office Needs Automated, Commercial Grade Shades

Did you know shading solutions can improve the way buildings and people perform? Lighting and daylight control are an essential piece of the puzzle in regards to positively impacting the well-being of people in built environments.

As we navigate what the workplace for the future will look like post-COVID, one thing is for certain and that is our heightened awareness for workplace wellness and our overall well-being.

How do automated, commercial shades play a role in workplace wellness? In this post, we highlight 5 key benefits commercial-grade shades may provide to any size space. Let's get started.

Maximize Daylight

Having access to natural light is not only aesthetically pleasing but very beneficial to one's health and wellbeing. What's more, having adequate access to natural daylight helps reduce the need for artificial lighting-thus lowering energy costs and usage. With automated shading solutions, businesses have the convenience and flexibility to control when and how natural daylight is used within their space.

Research shows that compared to a system where shades or blinds remain closed, automated shades can provide an additional 65% daytime lighting energy savings.

Reduce Glare

While having access to natural daylight is ideal for many, an abundance of daylight glare can cause eyestrain and discomfort. If the glare is not properly controlled, productivity can decrease.

But with the correct materials and controls, automated shades can can control the glare without compromising aesthetics or the view.

Preserve View

Views are a great way for individuals to connect to the outdoors, and some companies pay a lot of money for them. Research shows that our health and well-being thrive when we are connected to nature, which is why adding elements of nature throughout the workspace has been a key factor in workplace design.

Preserving the view is important, especially when it comes to the workplace. With the proper fabric selections and automated programing, companies can effectively enjoy the view without compromising the discomfort from an abundance of daylight or heat.

Decrease Solar Heat Gain

Without a solar barrier, heat from direct sun, as well as the warm glass, can make individuals feel much warmer than what the temperature of the space would indicate.

Specifying shades with high Solar Reflectance (Rs)values will help improve thermal comfort as well as reduce cooling costs.

Enhance Design

From the building exterior, automated shades provides a clean aesthetic to the eye.

From the inside, shades come in a variety of colors, textures and help balance interior aesthetics.

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