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Behind the Scenes: A Muraflex Installation at Dallas' The Epic

Muraflex demountable wall install at Dallas' The Epic

Today we're taking you behind the scenes of our current Muraflex FINO installation located in Dallas' most progressive area, The Epic.

The Epic is a momentous mixed-use experience featuring contemporary office space, a signature hotel, high-rise living and carefully crafted retail offerings.

The Epic’s three buildings — The Epic office tower, the historic Pittman hotel and The Hamilton residential building will feature pedestrian-friendly and visitor details such as high walkability, green spaces, collaborative creative areas and art installations, all to evoke the forward-thinking essence of Dallas’ most celebrated districts.

Muraflex demountable wall install at Dallas' The Epic


Currently being installed inside The Epic's office tower is Muraflex's FINO demountable walls throughout the office space as well as EXPO- a telescoping wall that will help highlight the boardroom.

FINO by Muraflex is an elegant and sophisticated demountable wall system whose design was inspired by the word FINO itself, which means thin in Italian.

FINO’s narrow profiles and carefully engineered concealed hardware allows for a maximum glazed surface.


FINO is readily installed over existing flooring, accommodates multiple types of doors, low-voltage accessories, and yes- columns.

FINO's clean lines and thin profiles help reveal the beauty of every interior space while enhancing architectural features and letting in more natural light.



Once the glass is installed, in the open position, a continuous frame encloses the acoustical seals, keeping them clean and non-visible.

Not only are demountable glass walls aesthetically attractive, but they maximize natural light, and in The Epic they will certainly maximize the views of Dallas and the surrounding areas.



Check out more images of our current install below. And stay tuned for images of the completed project.

For more information about Muraflex and demountable walls, click here.

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