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10 Ways to Incorporate Exercise into Your Busy Work Schedule

It’s proven that regular exercise is a viable solution to combat stress, but do you find it difficult to fit exercise in with a busy work schedule and long hours? There is good news. Virtually any form of exercise can positively impact your stress levels. And even with a busy work schedule, a little exercise can go a long way toward your health. Learn how to incorporate exercise into your busy routine with these 10 simple steps.

Park near the exit. Before your work day begins, start off by adding a few extra steps to your day. Instead of parking near the building entrance, opt for a parking spot a few rows back.

Stand Up. The working class spends approximately 50-70% of their day or 12 hours sitting down. With most of our time spent in a sitting position, our health is at risk for a slower metabolism and heart rate, stiff muscles and pressure on joints and nerves. This lack of movement results in less fat burning and can lead to other health-related issues.

Sit-to-Stand desks are now an office staple so don’t forget to use them. Set up alerts on your phone or calendar to remind you to stand up for a few minutes each hour.

Stretch throughout the day. Stretching throughout the day helps relieve the pressure from your joints, nerves and muscles. There are many different office stretches that one can do through out the day without interrupting the working environment. .

Activity Designed Furniture. Aside from sit-to-stand desks, there are a variety of furniture options that marry muscle engagement with day-to-day tasks. For example, Safco’s Active Focal Fidget stool encourages movement such as rocking, twisting and fidgeting while reinforcing a neutral, open-hip position for optimal comfort.

Take a break and go for a walk. Mental breaks are encouraged throughout the long day. Use that time to go outside and get some fresh air or walk around your office building.

Take the stairs. Skip the elevators and take the stairs any chance you get.

Participate in a lunch-hour yoga class. Trend alert! Lunch time yoga is a hit with Millennial's. This mid-day workout gets you out of your chair and stretching, keeping a healthy blood flow to your muscles, and rejuvenating your mind.

Skip happy hour. After-work happy hours are a fun way to end your day and connect with co-workers. But if you struggle to find time to fit in a workout, swap your happy hours with coworkers for a great workout session with co-workers or friends.

Find coworkers with common goals. Find coworkers with common health goals and make a group effort to take walks together on breaks or lunches. There is nothing more motivational that having people with similar goals and interests cheering you on. At IR Group, we have a group that walks together, and motivates each other to eat better throughout the day. It has become a team effort and really makes a different.

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