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10 Office Must-Haves for 2019

The time has come. A new year is here. And for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, new is an understatement. As I drive through downtown Dallas, I can’t help but imagine what Dallas will look like in 1 month, 1 quarter, or even a year from now. Business is booming. And after that new building goes up, 5 more are in line to be built. That is A LOT of workspace's. With that said, lets take a look at this years office must-haves.

1.Minimal Everything.

From thinly-profiled task chairs like Kimball’s Helio to fine lines like Muraflex’s MIMO demountable walls, thin lines and minimal aesthetics are this year’s design must-have. Say goodbye to bulky hardware, endless pulls and handles and unsightly wire managers. The less you see, the better.

Why? To sum it up, it’s all about blending into the space and working harmoniously.

2. Activity-based Areas.

Whether you call them activity spaces, magnet spaces, huddle spaces, or collaborative spaces, the concept is the same. People want to work in their own, unique way. Whether its standing at desk, siting in a booth or lounging in an open area, how and where we work changes daily. Your office should have a variety of different, and flexible spaces that attract a variety of employees and keeps them moving.

3. Greenery.

Live plants, green walls and colorful moss that harbors acoustic features were a big must-have in 2018 and will be even bigger in 2019.

4. Phone Booths or Privacy Pods.

If you were at NeoCon last year- you couldn’t walk 50 feet without passing a phone booth or privacy pod. They were everywhere and are gaining even more popularity for 2019. Why? As individuals we still prefer privacy and in open offices or open spaces, privacy can be hard to find.

5. Real-Time Data.

Measuring when we use a space and how much we use that space became a reality check in 2017, grew more awareness in 2018 and will drive space utilization decisions in 2019. Fixed office spaces are no more. Areas need to be flexible and capable of being reconfigured into a space that meets the needs of the individuals using it at that time. And managing those spaces will continue to pioneer the future of your office. Expect to see more space schedulers this year.

6. Mobility.

As mentioned above, flexibility is a must-have this year. Think mobile. Businesses that invest in mobile furniture are more likely to re-arrange and re-create spaces that meet their needs at that specific time while remaining budget friendly. Aesthetically, mobile furniture has become a priority for designers and is now becoming more and more modern and beautifully designed.

7. Comfort.

Comfort is top priority. We are seeing more plush pillows, bean bags, comfortable and soft sofas, all which make our workspace's feel more like home. That’s right. Resi-mercial trends aren’t going anywhere soon. So sit back and relax.

8. Privacy.

We discussed phone booths and pods, but what about furniture that features privacy? You guessed it. Seating with higher shades or backs are also a must. They make a great place to sit and focus with out the distraction of the surrounding environment.

9. Color.

We all know that color aids our moods at work. From colorful walls to coordinating throw pillows and accessories- color will remain relevant. But this year, you can expect to see a splash of color on the frames and legs of furniture, and in contrasting stitching. I foresee a lot of coral colors for 2019.

10. Raw materials.

It was big in 2018, and again will remain trending for 2019. Think wood legs, live edges, exposed metal, and glass. These elements bring life back into the office.

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