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Problem Solved! The Solution to a Distracting Open Office

We've said it before and we will say it again. There are pro's and con's to an open office layout. While an open floor plan encourages creativity and collaboration, it can also be distracting to those needing privacy and uninterrupted time.

Our solution- Zitto! Zitto by Muraflex, is a freestanding, sound-proof pod that doesn't skimp on aesthetic elegance or functionality.

It's the perfect solution for open floor workspaces needing:

  • a small meeting space

  • huddle space

  • phone booth

  • quiet zone

  • privacy

Zitto provides an innovative work space solution carefully engineered to create a superior acoustical environment, along with many other possibilities of plug & play technologies including media and wifi capabilities.

Design your own zone

1. SHAPE & SIZE. Mix and match or interlock any of Zitto's 3 models to create your desired work space and style.

2. EXTERIOR. Choose your exterior finish from 14 standard wood and steel finishes.

3. INTERIOR. Textile or leather acoustic panel coverings are offered as standards for the interior walls. Simply pick you color.

4. FLOORING. Add carpet for a softer touch or switch it up with hardwood flooring.

5. POWER. Choose the right power/data applications that work best for you and your business.

For more information, contact us at 972.619.7400 or click here to download the Zitto Brouchure!

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