Huddle Spaces? What Are They? And Why Do Companies Need Them?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

What is a Huddle Space?

When you hear the term huddle what comes to mind? If you thought football or soccer huddle then you are on the right track. Much like a huddle of athletes coming together to discuss their next move, a huddle space is a small meeting space designed to empower a group of people to collaborate together without distracting others in an open floor setting. Huddle spaces are typically more relaxed and informal, but they make the perfect space to quickly brainstorm, have a quick meeting, problem solve, and present new ideas.

These spaces are flexible, creative and can feature the following equipment: – Video conferencing solution – TV, LCD or LED monitor – Plenty of Power options for laptops, Tablets and Mobile Devices – A small central table that allows for sitting or standing – A whiteboard to jot down creative ideas – Chairs, Stools, or Ottomans

Types of Huddle Spaces:

From a small meeting room to a designated space, these spaces can come in many different shapes and sizes. Check out a few huddles spaces we recently installed.

Why do companies need Huddle spaces?

Conference rooms are often too formal, too big and lack necessities, such as comfort and mobility, that often inspire creativity and collaboration. Huddle spaces are designed for smaller meetings that are typically shorter in time and don't require a lot of space. No reservations are needed for these spaces. Just pop in when its convenient.

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