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Office Trends For 2018

As we anticipate the new year, we've noted a few workplace trends for your 2018 office. How does your current office measure up?


1. Unconventional Areas. You can thank Millennials for this trending must-do for 2018. Now that Millennials lead the workforce, we've learned that they prefer unconventional areas that radiate the resimercial (residential and commercial) vibe. Not only are these areas comfortable and welcoming, they come in a variety of options. Think collaboration zones, creative spaces, quiet rooms, play areas and even gyms. Snack bars are also a must.

(Pictured: Arcadia's Co-op, Kimball's Narrate, Kimball's Parings and Dwell)

2. Dynamic Spaces. You've heard us talk about different types of employees and different work styles, (read more here) and because we need to cater to those differences to be more successful, our spaces need to be flexible and mobile to better adjust for those changes.

3. Biophilic Design. This is more than just a plant on the table, but a design trend incorporating nature back into the workplace. From natural lighting and wood finishes to glass fixtures and a green wall, adding a bit of nature to the work environment boosts positive vibes and increases serotonin within individuals.

(Pictured: Kimball's Pairings)

4. Resimercial Comfort. We're seeing more and more cozy vibes within the workplace. From domestic armchairs with high backs to rustic, butcher block work tables- residential and commercial designs are blending together create a more desirable home-styled working environment.

(Pictured: Kimball's Theo, fiXt, and Bloom)

5. Expression. Expression not only tells your company's story, it sets the tone for your company culture and is an important tool for success. Expression can be used in wall coloring, artwork, digitally, and with furniture.

Changing office furniture history is Kimball's Narrate, a panel offering that combines design, technology and flexibility for a dynamic workplace. Not only is it budget friendly, but it is completely customizable to express your brands story.

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