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Furniture and office design. A new tool to attract today’s hot talent?

Years ago, all that was needed to lure top talent to a company was to offer a good salary, a decent benefits package, and the promise of a great future.

But things have changed. Today if you want to attract the best and brightest, you’ll need to add one more thing to your list. A more exciting work environment.

That’s because this generation of employees is looking for something different than workers in the past. To them, mobility is more important than an assigned space or even a corner office. Instead of being chained to a specific workspace 8 hours a day this new generation of employees want the freedom to choose where they’ll be working at any given time on any given day. They want options like distraction-free work areas when they need quiet. Collaborative areas when they need to meet as a group. And furniture choices that provide comfort as much as functionality. That’s why today, more and more companies are paying increased attention towards ancillary furnishings.

Fortunately, revamping your office space doesn’t have to be expensive. Even small and simple changes can make a big improvement. For example, you can create comfortable work areas near windows or in open areas around the office. Or replace that giant table in your conference room that you hardly use with softer furniture groupings to create collaborative workspaces or more intimate meeting areas. And don’t forget the easiest way to make your space more attractive to potential employees is by painting the walls — blues and greens are good choices.

To find out if your space is attracting new talent, take a walk through your space and look around. What do you see?

  • Are the walls in need of painting? Has your flooring seen better days?

  • Does your waiting area look about as exciting as the one in your dentist’s office?

  • Is your furniture a reflection of your corporate culture or what was on sale at the local office furniture store?

  • Is your workspace nothing but a sea of steel gray or fabric-covered cubicles surrounded by outside offices?

  • Can employees enjoy the natural light coming from the windows or are they subjected to the harsh glare from overhead florescent lights?

  • Do employees have areas they can escape to when they need to focus or collaborate with others?

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