Clean Zonez Panels’ patent-pending technology combines physical blocking between coworkers with an air filtration system to treat air at the point in which it is exhaled, coughed, or sneezed. Intake fans pull air into five layers of air filtration including HEPA filtration and UV sterilization. UV-C irradiation is considered a highly versatile viral inactivation step that should be included in a purification process.


Now more than ever, organizations are in need of solutions that effectively increase the safety of the workplace. Clean Zonez Panels helps clean the air of each individual workspace.


  • Intake fans pull air through a HEPA filter removing allergens and harmful bacteria

  • UV-C light treats the air, inactivating harmful viruses

  • A soft-touch control panel allows users to control fan speed, filtration settings, sleep mode and power

  • Five-level filtration

  • Easy clean faceplate

  • Auto On/Off

  • Hanging bracket

  • UVC/HEPA filtration


Hang it from an existing partition that already exists in your facility or using the hanging brackets, you can hang the unit from Plexiglas, PET, or a partition wall up to 3 ½ inches thick.


This makes it easy to retrofit an existing office into a Clean Zonez area.

Clean Zonez Air Purifyer

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