Kimball Bingo Armless Banquet Chair

$486.00 Regular Price
$218.70Sale Price
  • This product is designed to use indoors. Using the product outdoors and getting it wet may cause rusting and discoloring.  Avoid using in prolonged sunlight, may affect the color and shape of the product.

    Daily maintenance: wipe with a dry and soft cloth.

    Please follow the steps described below to clean the surface when it is extremely dirty:

    1. Wet a cloth with diluted neutral detergent, wring it dry and wipe the surface.

    2. Wet a cloth with water, wring it dry and wipe the surface with cloth to eliminate existing detergent.

    3. Wipe the surface with a soft and dry cloth to eliminate existing water completely.

    4. Avoid leaving the chair wet.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    For full warranty terms and conditions, click here.

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