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Meet the Women of IRG

In honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, we thought it was only necessary to take a proud moment and recognize the amazing women that help make Interior Resources Group the company it is today. Let's meet the women of IRG:

martha blue

owner + principal

Aside from being the owner and Principal of Interior Resources Group, Martha is an interior designer by education, a mother of 3, a natural born leader and the glue that keeps our team smiling, laughing and having fun while we work. She's the very definition of the phrase "love what you do" and takes the time to make each person feel appreciated, needed and encouraged.

jennifer duncan

v.p. business development

Jennifer is a powerhouse when it comes to work and success. And when it comes to projects, she get's the job done exceptionally well. But aside from being strong, hardworking and successful, she is also full of sarcasm and fun. Jennifer is a true leader and role model to our team. She definitely knows how to work hard and play hard.

melissa taylor

operations manager

She's the first person you will see when you walk in, and she's simply irresistible. You cant help but love this hard-working, outspoken and inspiring woman. Aside from managing our team and the daily operations of our company, Melissa is our voice of reason. And when she isn't encouraging each team member to be the best they can be, she's making us laugh with her dry sense of sarcasm and jokes.

katie scheuerman

director of marketing

Responsible for making IRG look good on and off the screen, Katie is the gal behind the scenes of every social media post, website edit, brochure, proposal, presentation and most things IRG. If our logo is on it, she touched it. But Katie is so much more than a creative soul. She's often found singing and dancing around the showroom, making our team laugh.

vicki interrante

a+d market manager

Designer by trade, Vicki is the IRG face-connecting daily with our design communities and assisting on projects.

She's the creative genius behind our fun events and our highly acclaimed Smart Cookie CEU Series. But aside from being the voice between our community and team, she is so much more and has played a vital role in how we connect and interact with our audience.

reilly fite

sales support

Reilly is not only the youngest IRG team member, she is probably the most hip and fun. While her daily tasks include researching and finding the absolute best price for our clients, she is definitely the first to jump in on any project, event, activity, contest... you name it! She is fearless and full of adventure and inspiration. She keeps our team laughing daily and adds to our "cool vibe."

nicole bradford pagano

senior project designer

Design genius is an understatement when it comes to Nicole. Nicole excels in finding design solutions for our team and is highly recognized by various design firms within the DFW Metroplex. At the office, she is full of energy and adds thoughtful insight to everything we do. But when she isn't designing (which is very rare), she is enjoying being a new mother to a beautiful baby girl.

robin makelki

senior project designer

Our IRG design veteran is BACK! That's right- Robin has returned from Alaska only to excite everyone who has worked with her in the past and inspire those new to work with IRG. Her skill set and experience plays a vital role with our design team and our daily successes. When she isn't designing for IRG, this fashionista is helping her friends and family create beautiful spaces within their homes.


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