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8 New Products To Love This February 2022

Not that I need an excuse, but with Valentine's Day on the horizon, it's the perfect time to highlight some new products that has me swooning. Check out my current list of new furniture that has me head-over-heals this February.

No.1 Bobby + Bobban

Starting with my favorite product of the season, say hello to Scandinavian Spaces Bobby + Bobban by Bernstrand & Borselius

I know what you’re going to say- there are many modular sofas that look very similar to this. Yes! You are correct. BUT… are they as functional, versatile and fun? As the infamous BOB’s younger brother, Bobby + Bobban was designed to adapt to any situation and any space. Each piece is snapped together with powerful magnets, which allows users to easily adjust their seating layout to meet their current needs and realistic demands of the workplace. Add a mix of color, and this modular seating system becomes a fun statement piece that amps up function and flair to any space.

No. 2 Senator Play Collection

It’s fun, flirty and can be used in a variety of spaces for flexible but functional collaboration. Now that’s what we call teamwork! But aside from it’s playful aesthetic and functional form, each product is 99% recyclable (at a minimum). Now that’s something to LOVE.

No.3 BuzziSpace BuzziCee

Give me a “C”- C! BuzziSpace’s newest seating element, BuzziCee puts curves in all the right places. What I love most about this product is that naturally peaks people’s curiosity and brings them together. Talk about the perfect gathering spot. Who wouldn't want to be part of this inner circle?

No. 4 Muraflex FINO

Speaking of curves, my favorite type of curve come as a design-savvy glass wall with endless versatility and style. That’s right. I love the elegance and statement Muraflex’s FINO curved glass makes in any space. Why choose straight lines when you can be curvaceous.

No. 5 Kimball EverySpace

This brand-new collection from Kimball is the answer to creating a space that is both beautiful and fully functional for your client. A first of its kind, EverySpace brings personal, human feeling into highly functional spaces by putting the user at the center of its design. Each component stacked above or below the base is a thoughtful balance of pattern, functionality, and beauty.

No.6 DesignTex Beguiled by the Wild

I love the imagery and vibrant colors that this collection brings. And what's even better, research shows that the fun, artistic imagery of animals may contribute to a better healing outcome of individuals in healthcare environments by helping reduce stress and anxiety. But make no mistake, this collection is not just great for healthcare but is a great, fun fit in a variety of spaces looking to add some personality.

No. 7 Stylex Still Screens

In a world where privacy is a priority, a girl can’t help but love some boundaries. And these boundaries are cute, stylish, and come in a variety of colors, heights and sizes. Best of all, they are flexible. So, when you are ready for a change, Stylex's Still screens are ready too.

No. 8 Bernhardt Automatic

I love a cozy seat that is easy to pull up or take a spin in. Bernhardt’s newest lounge chair, Automatic by Cory Grosser, makes rolling into the office a bit more fun. It's cute, customizable and made of sustainable and recycled materials. Any product that puts saving the planet first and looks this great is a keeper in my book.


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